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Sailing Cruises

  • America | San Diego’s Embarcadero | A replica of the yacht (AMERICA) that won the historic “100 Guinea Cup” race around the Isle of Wight that became the challenge trophy now known as the America’s Cup, available for nightly sunset sailings. | San Diego Maritime Museum
  • Californian | Embarcadero | A replica of a revenue cutter that patrolled the coast during the California Gold Rush, used for 4 hour Day Cruises, longer sailing excursions to Catalina, and annual Coastal Sail Expeditions to the Channel Islands. | San Diego Maritime Museum

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Cruises & Excursions

  • Gondola Company | Coronado | Go for a tour of the Coronado Cays, Venetian-style, or hire them to come to your own location.
  • Cruise Lines & Schedules | Embarcadero | Holiday Cruise Lines operating from the Port of San Diego
  • Helgren’s Sportfishing | Oceanside | Harbor Cruises & Whale Watching Expeditions, as well as Sport Fishing Charters
  • Hornblower Cruises | Embarcadero | Dinner Cruises & Special Events, Harbor Tours, and Whale watching excursions
  • San Diego Harbor Excursions | Embarcadero | Harbor Tours, Nature Cruise to Coronado Islands, Dinner & Brunch Cruises
  • Seaforth Rentals | Coronado, Downtown, Mission Bay | Private Charters

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Water Transport Service

  • Coronado Ferry | Regular trips from the Embarcadero to the Coronado Ferry Landing
  • Water Taxi | Embarcadero | On-call service or charters available

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